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DeGruchy Core Plugin

This is my "core plugin" for, it implements things that I don't really have any other place for. Things like code tweaks, CSS, Shortcodes and more.

Generally, the master branch is pretty stable. Other branches may be available for testing or developing different features.

I wouldn't recommend implementing this on your site unless you make substantial tweaks to it to fit your infrastructure. Feel free to take ideas from it. I have borrowed ideas from others to implement here, so...

What It Does

  • Disables plugin/theme editor
  • Removes custom metabox functionality
  • Adds an 'old post' content banner to posts > 1-year-old via Markdown/Parsedown
  • Enables uploads of SVG and webp/a/m files
  • Re-enables the Link/blogroll system and adds a shortcode for displaying them
  • Turns off Login error strings that would be displayed after a bad login attempt
  • Turns off Application passwords
  • Turns off XMLRPC


GPL v3+